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Blue Suede Shoes.

Name: Kat.
Age: 17.
State: Ohio.
Why you think this community is right for you: Because Kelly said so!
Favorite Movie: Sin City and Resident Evil I+II battle for this title.
Favorite Quote: "Silence is not only surrender, but consent."
Say Something Funny: Do I look like a parrot?
Why you think you're original: I'm a girl, with tattoos and body mods, and I play just about every instrument there is. I also look really good in a cowboy hat.
Why you think you're insane: I live in my stories.
Something that you've done that you consider "crazy" and why: I woke up one Friday, showered, and decided I was going to make the 12-hour, 614-mile drive to New Jersey with one purpose, no planning, and little cash.
How'd you find out about this community: Kelly put a gun to my head and told me to dominate you all.
One picture of yourself:

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Do you look like a fucking parrot? No. You know every hour in that car was worth it. Wasn't it? ^. -