Megan (orangelimabeans) wrote in unique_insanity,

lock me up

Name: meghan
Age:...17 and insane
State: california
Why you think this community is right for you: because i'm rather nuts... and quite different
Favorite Movie: donnie darko
Favorite Quote: "dykes wear their husband's clothes!" -x
Say Something Funny: when smokers are trying to stop smoking by chewing gum, what do they say? I chewed 1/2 a pack today?
Why you think you're original: because I have a unique way of thinking and acting.
Why you think you're insane: because the voices I hear actually make sense
Something that you've done that you consider "crazy" and why: someone told me that I had PMS and I threw a baseball bat at them.
How'd you find out about this community:someone linked it to art_fag
One picture of yourself: Image hosted by

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