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Hi all! i am new and I will just introduce myself and give a bit of info.

Name: jade
Age: 19
Home: the dairy state
Sex: female

I have been struggling with an eating disorder. I was able to beat it the last few years, but it has recently severely escalated. I just got into a car accident cuz I passed out at the wheel. Although I have been to the doc. to find out that it was mainly from low blood sugar, it was still a direct effect of my stupidity. No food... means I shouldn't drive. Bottum line, and i am aware of that now! What a rude awakening!

Just graduated from high school this past year. Taking a year off for community service. Applied for Americorp. but dont know where they stand on my application.

Was diagnosed with Bypolar when I was a young child. Forced into the world of heavy medicating! I still dont believe the diagnoses.... I have met many so-called "sane" ppl that are way crazier then I am! But hey, hes a doc... that means he must be right. lol.

Well thats all for now... let me know if you want to me post a picture of myself or something! thanks
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