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Inside the original and insane minds..

Don't you wish you were like us?

Crazy enough for you?
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This is a community for all sorts of things. Feel free to apply!

My name is Kelly _faded_photo, I am your main moderator.

Kat mauvaisechance is my co-mod. You must obey us or you will be kicked out of this community quite fast.

Things welcomed for members to post:

Poems - either written by the poster or a poem they enjoy maybe to open as a topic for discussion. If an original work, a brief background or possible soul meaning would be nice. It would suck to have someone interpret your work the wrong way.

Stories - any work that you would like to share, but MUST be entered in an LJ cut.

Songs - Same thing, original or not. However, if original, a brief background is nice. ^.^

Artwork - Artwork should be submitted behind a cut. All kinds are welcome.

Surveys/Quizzes/Memegens/ - All welcome! If more than two, cut required.

Photos - All welcome, but same rules as above above category.

Jokes - Always good. But, put behind a cut. Not everyone appreciates racism or stereotyping of any sort. You must also state above the cut exactly what the content of the joke is, we don't need people becoming offended.

Book discussions - I enjoy these, being a reader. If you're reading a good book then feel free to post up the title, author, and a brief summary. Perhaps other people have read it, too.

We would also appreciate random posts for any possible topics to discuss. Perhaps personal problems, life problems, politics, religion, pop-culture, the odd fashions of today, anime, music, movies, disorders - practically everything.

We like crazy, unique, original people. Hence, the name. We will check out your journals before accepting or rejecting you to decide whether or not you're in. Your applications are not the only things that count!

We will take claims. Of any kind. From music to movies to food. Feel free to let us know what claims you want once you've joined and Kat or I will add them ASAP.

Criticism is allowed only if poster says. So are negative comments. (Take note: if you post a poem and say "Tell me what you think", members are allowed to do EXACTLY that. We cannot boot people out for such things.) However, if there is anything that seems to be unfair and negative without reason, pack your bags. We have no tolerance for that.

We like embarassing stories! Trust me, we all have them, and everyone deserves a good laugh.




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_faded_photo: Nine Inch Nails
mauvaisechance: A Perfect Circle
erasethedays13: The Dresden Dolls
enchanted_iris: Linkin Park + Casting Crowns
orangelimabeans: Adoni, Tegan and Sarah, Otep, and Kyo

_faded_photo: Placebo - "Protège Moi"
mauvaisechance: Flesh Field - "My Savior"
erasethedays13: Ill Nino - "With You"
enchanted_iris: Frou Frou - "Let Go"
orangelimabeans: Otep - "My Confession"

_faded_photo: Boys Don't Cry
mauvaisechance: Sin City
erasethedays13: Grind
enchanted_iris: The Lion King + both Toy Story movies =]
orangelimabeans: The Butterfly Effect

_faded_photo: Lasagna
mauvaisechance: Fettuccini Alfredo
erasethedays13: Chicken Parm
enchanted_iris: Cookies & Cream ice cream
orangelimabeans: Tortilla chips and spaghetti sauce.

_faded_photo: Black/purple
mauvaisechance: Red
erasethedays13: Blue
enchanted_iris: Pink/Lavender
orangelimabeans: Merlot and Olive

_faded_photo: 9
mauvaisechance: 10
erasethedays13: 13
enchanted_iris: 23
orangelimabeans: 10.4

_faded_photo: Tenchi Muyo!
mauvaisechance: Under the Glass Moon
erasethedays13: Sailor Moon
enchanted_iris: Perfect Blue

_faded_photo: Jelly Beans
mauvaisechance: Tositos -cough.-NACHOS-cough.-
erasethedays13: Skittles
enchanted_iris: Reeses Penut Butter Cups
orangelimabeans: Sweedish Fish

Video Games:
_faded_photo: NFS or SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!
mauvaisechance: The Turok series for N64.
erasethedays13: DDR
enchanted_iris: King's Quest Six, and The Adventures of Willy Beamish.

_faded_photo: Sapphire
mauvaisechance: Ruby
erasethedays13: Emerald
enchanted_iris: Topaz
orangelimabeans: Onyx, Coal

erasethedays13: Halloween
mauvaisechance: 4/20
_faded_photo: 4th of July
enchanted_iris: Christmas
orangelimabeans: Llama Day

erasethedays13: The Perks of being a Wall Flower and Crank
mauvaisechance: Hearts In Atlantis, By Steven King
_faded_photo: All She Wanted, By Aphrodite Jones
enchanted_iris: Candy and Lucas, By Kevin Brooks, and Hard Love, By Ellen Wittlinger
orangelimabeans: Gingerbread, By Rachel Cohn, DiarySurvivor</u>, By Chuck Palahuinuik

erasethedays13: Tiger
mauvaisechance: Crow
_faded_photo: Black Panther
enchanted_iris: Lion
orangelimabeans: Ferret, Mouse

enchanted_iris: Carnation
_faded_photo: Rose.

Musical Instruments:
enchanted_iris: Piano, Violen

Plays or Musicals:
enchanted_iris: The Phantom of the Opera
(More will be added as categories are introduced)

Once again.. originality is important. Remember that.

Here's your Application! We look forward to receiving it! (Comment in the community journal with your application. We will let you know by commenting in return whether or not you are in.)

Please write "Lock Me Up" in the subject space when you post your Application.

Why you think this community is right for you:
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Quote:
Say Something Funny:
Why you think you're original:
Why you think you're insane:
Something that you've done that you consider "crazy" and why:
How'd you find out about this community:
One picture of yourself:

PS: We're not going to be harsh on the acceptance. Just put what you feel and chances are we'll accept you.