Rebel without a clue (rebelwoutaclue) wrote in unique_insanity,
Rebel without a clue

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Lock me up

Name: I call myself Rebel, though I hardly fit the name (:
Age: 15
State: of delusion
Why you think this community is right for you: I love discussing topics, and of course I can be a little crazy sometimes
Favorite Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean
Favorite Quote: "Be nice to nerds. You may end up working for them." ~Bill Gates
Say Something Funny: something funny
Why you think you're original: I don't tend to hang with the popular crowd. I love surrealist/goth art. I love gothic clothes. I draw a lot.
Why you think you're insane: Isn't anyone a little insane now and again? I tend to say things that make people think, I don't want to go along with the flow. I'd stand up in a big crowd and yell for something I believed in.
Something that you've done that you consider "crazy" and why: I've stayed up late at night, by light of flashlight, to play tetris on my calculator twice. Mario, too, on one occassion. What normal person does that?
How'd you find out about this community: searching "intellectual conversation" in interests
One picture of yourself: 
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